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Mar 31, 2011 6:00am PDT
to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping. allison. >> reporter: dave, let's get right to a live look at the house armed services committee hearing room. defense secretary robert gates and joint chief chairman testifying about how the operation in libya is going and the extent of u.s. involvement. lawmakers have already expressed concern this morning about the cost and ultimate goal of the mission there. this is some video of the rebels heading into the fight against gadafi's forces. small groups of c.i.a. operatives are now working on the ground in libya. they're trying to learn more about the rebels and the strength of gadafi's military. it's critical information as the u.s. decides whether to arm the rebels. >> we have neither ruled it in, nor ruled it out. we are considering all forms of potential assistance to the opposition from humanitarian which we're already providing to political and other forms of support. >> reporter: and also new here on capitol hill this morning i just got a letter that bay area lawmakers barbara lee and lynn woman sent to house speaker john boehner. the
Mar 28, 2011 6:00am PDT
up that plants cooling system. >>> president obama makes his case tonight for u.s. military involvement in libya. how the president will try to appease his critics. >>> also the local woman at the center of a walmart lawsuit about to be heard by the supreme court. >>> good morning, to you welcome back. tonight president obama speaks to the nation about the action in libya. scott mcfarland is live to tell us what is at stake for the president. >> reporter: the president makes his speech from the national defense university here in washington, d.c.. it comes ten days after the military action began in libya. there have been a flurry of developments in the past 48 hour there is. nato formerly took control of this effort yesterday. rebels have made big gains pushing closer to moammar gadhafi's home city over the weekend. the secretary of state says diplomatic efforts have been gaining traction. >> we have very tough sanctions that are fairing out and freezing gadhafi family assets. we have a lot of diplomats in libya that are flipping, changing sides. >> reporter: a lot is at st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2